Campus Facilities

Walking on the campus rapidly generates a sense that this is a special place – a place that students and staff feel engaging and peaceful. Its current buildings and garden are meticulously connected to reflect the proximity to the nature and the value of working and learning in a beautiful environment. It gives students a safe haven far from the usual urban uproar.


NIRA International School’s classrooms are filled with sunlight and stimulating educational materials. We use a variety of learning models, from direct instruction to e-learning, in order to enhance the children’s experience. Making it fun and challenging, NIRA International School provides a positive environment that is truly international.

Nira’s Central Garden:

NIRAISC’s spacious central garden sets it apart from the classic schoolyard. The green, shaded oasis provides a safe environment within which students can explore and develop skills through a range of activities fostering enrichment and socialization. Boasting unique, high quality and age appropriate playground equipment, imported turf, paths for bicycle riding and a built sandpit, NIRAISC’s central garden serves as a key element in the school’s provision of a well-balanced educational program.
Purpose-built shade sails ensure sun protection throughout school hours, making the playground accessible for students and staff at all times of the day. There are areas for both active and quiet play, as well as a large project vegetable garden.

Swimming Pool:

Our swimming pool is of an international standard. All students have access to this facility, whether it be during the school day or as part of the After School Program. Our school swimming teacher, Phirum, is trained to National Olympic Solidarity standards; so all swimming lessons and activities are conducted with the highest level of professionalism and meet international safety standards. NIRA students develop confidence in the water and survival skills whilst having fun and interacting with their peers.

Football Pitch:

NIRA’s central garden features a custom-built football pitch. The pitch is made from Astroturf, has well marked lines, two durable goals with nets, and is completely protected from the elements. Our football pitch is used on a daily basis by the students, and is also the general location for most of our weekly Physical Education (PE) classes. Conducting PE lessons on the pitch provides students with the perfect opportunity to strengthen and develop their coordination, motor skills, and agility in a spacious, safe and well-maintained environment. Furthermore, it cultivates the development of active learners through team building and challenges.


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