NIRA ISC Director

message-directoryIt is our pleasure to welcome you to NIRA International School’s official website. Either as an existing member of our community or a parent seeking the right environment for your child, we have gathered for you all the necessary information in an accessible manner. We hope that you will appreciate your visit.

NIRA International School is a unique school in many ways. From our core ambition to provide our students an environment where they can explore their talents, to our dedicated team of teachers who will carefully help them develop their interests, it is all about making a positive difference in their lives.

It all starts with an engaging curriculum. One that will prepare them for the challenges of a rapidly evolving world. Their first academic successes are an opportunity to build a strong foundation for years to come. NIRA International School’s educational programme stands on international standard outcomes yet learning is done in a fun and practical way keeping a joyful atmosphere that is so characteristic of that age group.

At NIRA International School, learning is dynamic, motivating and fun. Lessons are not confined to the classroom as our spacious central garden gives students access to various outdoor activities. Our green and safe school environment is specifically designed to promote their creativity and imagination as well as their love of learning. They are encouraged to apply newly learnt concepts by experimenting them with a wide range of tools. We believe every detail matters.

Finally, please feel free to continue your visit onto our website and find out more about our school. I look forward to welcoming you and your child at NIRA International School and share the opportunity to be your guide into our campus. You’ll quickly get a sense of just how special a place NIRA International can be for your loved one.

Kindest regards,
David SAID
School Director


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